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I help entrepreneurs ATTRACT their ideal clients with their brand’s authentic message.

Your brand is a powerful tool. It can connect, inspire and prompt action. It can ignite change and create communities. It can also bring YOU more freedom in your business.

Imagine having a brand that attracts clients, champions and opportunities. Imagine building a results-driven strategy around what makes you, well, you!

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped business owners create freedom in their business with their brands. Now, I train and support passionate entrepreneurs who want more time, energy and clients using authentic and honest brand strategies.



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Invaluable Strategy

“We thought she would simply put some suggestions together for us, but what she did was much, much more. She has saved our company.”

– Katie McKay, Chewie Media Inc.

Engaging Speaker

“Caitey totally engaged the audience with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge around all things related to branding.”

– Roger Killen, Vancouver Business Network

Amazing Strategy

“I learned so much of the strategy and tools to create better branding for my businesses and so many things I never knew.”

– Michelle Abraham, Michelle Abraham Consulting

Professional Speaker

“I would use Caitey’s services at any time and would recommend her to others as well.”

– Nancy Richard, RTOWN

Brilliant Strategy

“Brilliant! I highly recommend Caitey Gilchrist to bring your mission and vision to brand representation of who you are in business and life!”

– Jeanette Martin, MYBC Consulting

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