Look – every relationship has its ups and downs, even in branding! Most of the time, the rough patches pass, and we can get back on track fairly easily. However, sometimes relationships just aren’t meant to be, meaning a brand break-up might be just around the corner.

3 Signs It’s Over Between You and Your Brand

How can you tell if your brand is going to break up with you? Pay attention, listen, observe… and watch out for these three telltale signs!

1. Your Brand Isn’t Speaking to You As Much As It Used To

Uhg, the silent treatment. Remember when you first found your brand? There was magic in the air, and the two of you were always on the same page. You had a collective mission and vision for the way the world should be. But something has changed – there’s a disconnect. Your brand simply doesn’t speak to you the way it used to.

How to Save the Relationship

It’s time to sit down with your brand and get on the same page. Determine your core message – your mission, vision and values – and find out if your brand’s message is the same as yours. If not, it’s time for some adjustments. Get your message down on paper and go from there!

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2. Your Brand Isn’t Connecting with Your Friends

No matter how hard you try to involve your brand in your friends’ (or audience’s) lives, it just doesn’t seem to fit in. It’s tough to find out what’s wrong. Your friends may not feel connected to your brand, but they’re likely too nice to say anything. So how do you involve your brand in the social aspect of your life without alienating the people around you?

How to Save the Relationship

Ask your audience for their honest opinion. Survey them to find out what they think of your current brand, and see if it’s the brand they feel is the best fit for you. If they’re not connecting, it doesn’t mean you should dump your brand – just find some common ground.

3. Your Brand Seems Moody and Inconsistent

Uh oh, what did you this time? You used to know your brand so well… what happened? Every day it seems your brand is completely different; it’s constantly changing its appearance, and its mood and attitude vary drastically from one situation to the next. It seems like you have a Frankenbrand!

How to Save the Relationship

You may have a full-on brand identity crisis on your hands! It’s time to evaluate your brand and see what went wrong. Sit down with your brand and get to its core – what do you want your brand to stand for, and how can you make this possible? Much how a married couple may forge an agreement on who tackles which chores in the house, you too must set expectations and guidelines for your brand.

Want to Talk About It?

I get it – brands can be complicated! Whether you’re going through a brand break-up or trying to rekindle that spark, I’m here for you. Reach out today we can get you and your brand on the right track. Let’s get you to #LoveYourBrand once more!