Get Real Branding Results by Being a REAL Brand

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You’ve heard the expression “fake it until you make it”. It’s a great strategy for getting yourself into action and taking the first step towards being, trying or doing something outside of your comfort zone. I mean, I remember the first time I was asked to speak on stage I responded with a calm and confident “yes”, but on the inside I was more like this:

Wait. You want me to do what?

Eek! The truth is our internal dialogue isn’t always conducive to the success we desire, so the “fake it until you make it” method can help us get started. It can be reassuring knowing that we can explore something without being 100% perfect!

But what do you do if that “faking it” feeling doesn’t go away?

What if months or years into being a full-time business owner, you’re still contending with that ‘icky sales-y’ feeling? Or your gut is telling you that you’re not in the right business relationship? Or you’re still mirroring those who are already successful, hoping that their content/message/ideas resonate with your audience? That’s not a fun space to be in, right? It feels unnatural and it just doesn’t work. Not for the long run at least!

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Here’s a little secret: successful brands aren’t chameleons, changing their message or method every day. Successful brands are consistently authentic brands, and authenticity is accessible by everyone! You just need to know how to harness it strategically.

Over this series, we’re going to explore what it means to be an authentic brand and business, and how to get results doing it. Because it’s not enough to just show up with your bombastic personality and wing it. (This may work at parties and karaoke bars, but not in business. Dang it, right?)


Every interaction you have with your audience leaves them with an impression – a feeling. That’s how people will remember you and your brand: they remember how you made them feel.

If you’re reading this, authenticity is already on your radar. Deep down in your gut, you know that people connect on a HUMAN level. That your audience is listening for a REAL message that’s going to transform their lives…

They’re waiting for YOUR message; your authentic brand’s message.

My mission for this series is to connect you to an authentic way of doing business. To free you from the friction, and to help you grow your brand in a way that captures the real essence of YOU and your message. Because remember: successful brands are authentic brands, and authenticity is accessible by everyone. (Hallelujah!)

“Successful brands are authentic brands, and authenticity is accessible by everyone.”

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I’m excited and honoured to take this journey with you, to share some of my wacky and wild experiences in branding, and to help you boost your brand and create your freedom. Let’s open up the conversation on what it means to have an authentic brand and WHY authenticity is so critical to running a business.

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