5 Ways to Create Freedom with Your Brand

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Frantic, flailing, frenzy. Let’s talk about the real ‘F’ word you should have in your business – freedom!

But first, here’s a little branding challenge for you.
It’s simple, but tricky.
Are you ready?

Your challenge is to describe your brand’s message in five words.

“Caitey! You’ve given me an impossible task!” you may be exclaim through your screen. Hold up. It’s OK.

You don’t have to inject all your values, promises, purpose, etc. in these five words. But I want you to consider: at the end of the day, when your audience has consumed your content, visited your website, listened to you speak… what is the ONE THING you want them to remember?

We get so excited about our passions and knowledge – we want to include it ALL in everything we do. But when we try to send too many messages, it can get muddled and lost. That’s why this is such a good exercise. Because having that ONE message can help you stay on track and prevent the descent down the rabbit hole of marketing mayhem.

So what’s a five-word sentence that describes what you’re trying to get across with your brand? I’ll tell you mine:

Create freedom with your brand

At the end of the day, that’s what I want you to know: that you can create more freedom in your life and business when you embrace your authentic brand. Now, let me show you how it works.

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5 Ways Your Brand Creates Freedom, Inside & Out

1. Freedom from Resistance

In an earlier article, we touched on how external resistance in your business (from customers, partners, etc.) are often caused by some form of internal resistance – a lack of clarity or conviction, for example. When you eliminate that internal resistance, you can unlock that internal sense of freedom.

And that’s because an authentic brand strategy is based off who you already are and what you already believe.

It doesn’t ask you to invent a new personality and act a new way.
It takes what makes you your genius self and projects that out to the world.

  • So if you are a little nerdy and have a natural thirst for knowledge…
    → your brand can leverage your sage characteristics and bring must-have tips, tools and tricks to your audience.
  • If you’re a born leader and motivator…
    → your brand can lean on your motivational language to build a community of inspired audience members.
  • And if you have a hunger for adventure…
    → your brand can share your journeys in a way that leaves your audience in awe.

By using your natural personality and beliefs, you can feel fully aligned with your actions in your brand strategy. There’s no putting on a face, or selling using someone else’s voice – it’s 100% you. Natural, raw, authentic.


2. Freedom Through Energy

Are you inspired by your brand?
Do you feel motivated by your purpose?
How do you feel when people ask you to describe what you do, or what makes you different?
Does it drum up excitement within yourself, or do your mind and heart suddenly fill with cobwebs?

Years ago, when I was utterly burnt out in my business, I started to ask these questions. And (confession time) it was really hard because I realized just how little I was connected to my brand’s message. So I did the work. I took literally weeks to suss out the real purpose behind what I was doing. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my business.

And when I finally figured it out, it was like a tidal wave of relief, excitement and energy.

This is a form of internal freedom that your brand can create. Where the groan-worthy slog turns into something you can actually feel excited about in your business.

Where you can wake up inspired each day because you know your brand’s deeper purpose.


3. Freedom Through Clarity

How many times have you sat in front of your social media feed and thought, “I have no idea what I should post this week”?

How often have you been faced with a decision and felt overwhelmed by ‘analysis paralysis’ because there was no guide to go by?

I’ve been a member and leader in a number of networking groups over the last few years, and this is one of the biggest marketing challenges I’ve heard entrepreneurs talking about: how to get CLEAR on what to post, who to partner with and sometimes even just ‘where to start’.

This is one more area where your authentic brand strategy can help you. When you have clarity on your message, it becomes a lot easier to tell what needs to be done and how. Think about it: if you went into a grocery store and thought “my purpose is to get groceries”. What would you end up buying? Maybe you’d start in the produce aisle (get your banana fix) but then you’d start wandering. You’d likely go down almost every aisle, picking up things you didn’t know you wanted or needed. Heck, you may even end up buying a set of candles, and hey, let’s throw in six pounds of highlighters – you could always use more highlighters.

How different would it be if you went into that grocery store with a CLEAR purpose? As you enter those automatic doors, you tell yourself “my purpose is to buy salad ingredients”. Junk food temptation aside, you’re way more likely to end up buying the things you ACTUALLY need.

The same goes with your marketing. Your brand is your purpose. It’s the message you want to send. And when you know that, that clarity can free you from the headache of making each decision from scratch. It can free you from that feeling of not knowing.

“An authentic brand strategy is based off who you already are and what you already believe.” 

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4. Freedom from the Chase

You know the chase I’m talking about…

  • The super-threads on social media where you post a photo of your product with the desperate hopes that the right person might see it and buy.
  • The reliance on discounts and coupon codes to get people to purchase your product.
  • The 30 back-and-forth emails with the person who showed the slightest interest in having a consultation.

Follow-up IS super important, but if it’s all you’re doing in your business and it’s not working, something’s got to change.

A lot of times when we’re dealing with this constant chase, it’s because we haven’t established our value and/or we’re talking to prospects who aren’t the right fit. That’s why it’s critical to establish your real brand – to get clarity on the actual message and value you offer, and to clarify who the real champions are in your business.

An authentic brand strategy focuses on attracting your ideal clients organically rather than chasing after every person who could maybe benefit from your services.

And this brings us to the fifth way your brand can create freedom: through the time you save.


5. Freedom of Time

How much time DO you spend chasing clients?
Or deciding what to post?
Or flailing through meetings?
Or working with clients that aren’t a good fit?
Or worrying that people won’t be able to see your value?

Authentic branding can’t magically fix your business overnight. But it can give you the essential tools and strategies you need to market yourself intentionally and effectively. So think about the time you spend chasing, or stressing or feeling uncertain and ask yourself: how much time would you save if you had a guideline for connecting to your audience, talents and purpose every single day?

How much easier would it be if you could describe your brand’s intention in just five words?

Your experience with ease, energy, clarity, clients and time are largely linked to the message that guides your brand. So boost your brand, and create your freedom!

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