Would you like to have a magic wand that can make you the go-to brand, creating new opportunities, saving time and building trust more quickly with your audience? You can—by building your brand authority! And one of the best ways to become a to go-to brand is to create value-rich content.

But creating that content can take a lot of time—time that can feel hard to come by as you’re balancing all the tasks you have in your business. So here are a few ways you can build your brand authority using the resources you already have.


3 Ways to Use Existing Content to Build Brand Authority

Breathe life back into your existing blog posts and other content by trying these content marketing strategies.

1. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a Q&A website where anyone can offer insights on virtually any topic—even YOUR field of expertise. By strategically answering questions related to your business, you can redirect already engaged prospects to relevant blog articles, podcasts and more (provided you offer some value in the submitted answer, of course).

Bonus: Answers from Quora are often found on the first page of search engine results. That means your brand can stand out and be engaged with a community of people who are actively seeking advice on your expertise.

Double Bonus: You can also use the questions you find on Quora for content inspiration!

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2. Modernize & Reshare Existing Content

Did you write a kick-ass blog post last year that could use a little more love? Share it again! Sometimes we think that because we shared a post five times during the week it was published six months ago that everyone must have seen it, and they must be tired of seeing it. Not necessarily true! With the wizard-y ways of social media, your audience can sometimes miss important content. So ensure that article is up to date, and give it another minute in the spotlight.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to reshare popular or seasonal content as well! For example, if you have a post about the tell-tale signs that your brand is going to break up with you, try resharing that post around Valentine’s Day. 😉 


“One of the best ways to become a to go-to brand is to create value-rich content.”

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3. Repurpose Your Content for Another Medium

This may be Content Marketing 101 here, but it’s worth the reminder! 

  • Got a podcast or video? Transcribe it and turn it into social media posts.
  • Got a long blog post? Expand one of the points in a LinkedIn article.
  • Got a list of tips? Repackage them into an e-book.

Remember that your audience members have a variety of learning styles, so allow them to digest your content in the way that promotes understanding.


What’s Your Best Piece of Content?

Think of your brand as a music artist. While producing new, relevant content is key to delighting your fans and followers, you can’t forget about your greatest hits! So take the time to identify your fan favourites (or the deep tracks) and give them another moment in the spotlight.