The Authentic Brand Blueprint

Attract Your Ideal Clients Without Sacrificing Your Soul or Sanity!

We Connect to Authentic, Human Brands 

Your audience is craving a genuine connection more than ever.
In fact, they’re waiting for someone just like you to come into their lives! Someone who will help them with their pain and challenges by offering your specific solution.

They want something real, and that’s where your authentic brand comes in.

“But I AM authentic! I’m 100% myself in my business but I’m still not connecting with my ideal clients.”

It’s like having all the puzzle pieces without fitting the pieces together.

Just because YOU know what the finished picture will be doesn’t mean your audience does too. All they see is a pile of puzzle pieces – uncertain of the big picture, unclear on your brand’s message.

It’s a struggle for many entrepreneurs, and with so many pieces to put together, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

That’s why I created the Authentic Brand Blueprint.

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar…

I built my business on authenticity and passion.

But just one year into running my business, my passion keeled over and died. The thing I once loved turned into my nightmare and I found myself completely burnt out. Most of my time was spent stressing over where my next client would come from and so every day I would…

  • Relentlessly put myself out there trying to connect with everyone I met,
  • Flail through marketing my business using strategies other people were using,
  • Desperately chase every lead and reply to every ‘help wanted’ post I could find,
  • Follow up with prospects a dozen times per person,
  • And work with clients who were only interested in my lowest price.

I was no longer running my business.
My business was running me.

How to End the Overwhelm

When I hit the breaking point in my business, I knew I need to make some big changes. So I took a serious look at what was working and what wasn’t. Then, I realized two things:

  • First, even though I was marketing myself in my business, my audience wasn’t getting my brand. They weren’t hearing my message.
  • Second, my method for getting clients was fundamentally flawed, and I suddenly saw how my brand could fix that.

So I buried myself in statistics and studies that unravelled the mystery of why customers connect with brands. I pieced together the fundamentals and developed a system for building an authentic and relatable brand. 

And as I implemented this system, really amazing things started to happen.

From Burnout to Brand Bliss

Suddenly I could see my audience clearly, and I found they had moved a whole lot closer. I started attracting my ideal clients, and was invited to partner with organizations and events that directly aligned with my business goals. It was absolutely magnetic!

Imagine if you could have more…


Having clarity on your brand and its message lifts the fog. No more guessing how you should be marketing your business – take the stress out of decision-making and get a clear view of your audience.


Imagine marketing your business authentically… without that icky ‘salesy’ feeling! When you truly know your brand and its message, you can share it with confidence while building your business’s reputation. 


An authentic brand attracts its ideal clients. Free yourself from the uncertainty, the constant chase, the chaotic marketing frenzy. Unlock freedom in your business with your Authentic Brand Blueprint.

Discover Your

Authentic Brand Blueprint

The COMPLETE brand identity training for entrepreneurs who want more time, energy and clients right now

Imagine Having Total Clarity On How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

See the Vision

Unlock your brand’s deeper purpose, vision and values.

Find Your Voice

Communicate consistently, clearly and authentically with your audience.

Know Your Audience

Identify your REAL ideal client and target your marketing with their language.

Get Clarity

Know exactly how to market yourself with your Authentic Brand Blueprint.

The Six-Week Online Training Program Designed to Bring You Brand Clarity


How is this training delivered?

The Authentic Brand Blueprint is a self-guided online training program that works at your pace and on your schedule. Each module comes with video trainings, visual resources and worksheets to maximize your results.

Do I have to take it over six weeks?

I recommend spreading the self-guided training over six weeks, but it can be done over a shorter or longer period of time. Fit it to your business’s unique schedule!

I already have a brand – can I still take this training?

Absolutely! In fact, many of my clients already had their brands started before using my services. Even an established brand can benefit from this training.

Is this training good for new business owners?

Yes! Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, this training will help you set the foundations of an authentic brand. 

How can I sign up?

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Authentic Brand Blueprint

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