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Brand Strategy

Boost Your Brand with Customized Consulting Services

Building and maintaining your own brand can be tough as a business owner! With attention being divided between clients, shop upkeep, marketing, self-care, day-to-day business operations and more, it’s no surprise that branding sometimes falls to the backburner. Sometimes, it even stays on the backburner. That’s why I developed the Brand Power-up Session.

Energize Your Brand with One-on-One Consulting

This one-on-one consulting service is designed to keep your brand on track, solidify your core message, and help you find calm in the chaos.

Starting with a pre-call Needs Assessment, we’ll pin down specific areas of your brand you’d like to focus on. This allows us to spend the entirety of the call on the areas most important to you and your business. During our session, we’ll cover your top concerns, and I’ll provide you with advice and tools tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Brand Power-up Session
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Phenomenal Brands Aren’t Built in a Vacuum

I’m here to support you and your brand. During our one-on-one, you can:

  • Receive personalized brand strategy advice
  • Dive deeper into your brand’s core message
  • Harness tools for targeting your ideal client
  • Request honest design feedback
  • Ask any burning questions about your brand
  • Receive a Session Summary Report to keep on hand

  • Brand Power-up Session

    Get one-on-one advice on your brand
  • $297
  • Pre-call Needs Assessment
  • 60-minute video call
  • One-on-one personalized advice
  • Session Summary Report
  • Get Started

Power Up Your Brand

Gain Momentum with a Brand Power-up Session

Whether you’re in pre-launch mode, have a thriving brand, or are considering rebranding, the Brand Power-up Session has your needs covered. This one-on-one session is perfect for steering your brand in the right direction, and for determining whether it’s time for a tune-up. Contact me today to book your session.


“In today’s business world it is so hard to find someone that goes above and beyond what is expected. That is unless you work with Caitey Gilchrist.

Caitey was able to feel what I wanted and immediately provided some thoughts on a brand new logo for my re-launch. She listened, is that ever refreshing, and provided the work in a very timely fashion. In other words, it was done quicker than what I had originally planned for. This not only pleased me greatly but also my marketing team that needed the logo to move to the next phase of the project.”

— Joe da Silva, Business Consultant.

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