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The ‘F’ Word You Want to Hear in Your Brand Strategy

Frantic, flailing, frenzy. Let’s talk about the real ‘F’ word you should have in your business – freedom!

The Consequences of Inner Brand Resistance

When you’re unclear on your brand, the business world becomes hazy. It’s time to discover how your internal brand creates your outward results.

Feeling Stuck with a Brand Story That Sucks

Storytelling is an important part of growing your brand, and if you aren’t telling your brand’s story, then you’re missing out on a deeper connection with your audience. And SPOILER: Even if you think you don’t, you DO have a brand story worth telling. I guarantee it.

How Important Is Your Brand’s Visual Identity, Really?

Your visual identity is critical to your brand’s success. Or is it? It’s time to find out just how much impact your logo has on your results.

3 Tactics for Slaying Your “Frankenbrand”

There is a monster plaguing small businesses. It rampages through our marketing materials, and talks smack behind our backs! (Super rude.) This monster is known as the Frankenbrand, and it may be costing you business.

Why Authentic Brands Are Successful Brands

You’ve heard the expression “fake it until you make it”. It’s a great strategy for getting yourself into action and taking the first step towards being, trying or doing something outside of your comfort zone. But what do you do if that “faking it” feeling doesn’t go away?

The 5 Brand Advocates You’ll Meet on Your Journey

Brand advocates champion your brand. They raise you up through word-of-mouth referrals and add credibility to your products and services. But where do you find these brand champions, and how do you leverage them to increase your brand’s success?

Brand Strategies for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

To become a small business owner, you need passion, skills, and ideas. But what do you do when you simply have too many? (Here’s a hint: word-vomiting them all over your listener is not the answer.)

How to Tell That Your Brand Is About to Break Up with You

Look – every relationship has its ups and downs, even in branding! Most of the time, the rough patches pass, and we can get back on track fairly easily. However, sometimes relationships just aren’t meant to be, meaning a brand break-up might be just around the corner.

4 Tools for Building Authentic Brand Recognition

Brand recognition, authority, and loyalty are all founded in trust, which takes time to nurture and grow. It’s the little things – the long-term efforts, the proven dependability – that help brands achieve that recognition. Today we’re going to discuss four tools and resources that will help you work towards that brand recognition.

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