Brand Strategist.
Frankenbrand Slayer.

Caitey Gilchrist Creative has been helping brands grow since 2011.

Hi there! I’m Caitey. I want to help you create freedom with your brand.

“Freedom” may sound like a pretty tall order, but it’s actually closer than you think!

As a brand strategist, I’ve seen the same burdens in business over and over again: the endless, exhausting chasing of leads; the overwhelming marketing strategies; the frenzy of working day by day, hoping things will turn around soon. I’ve been there! 

The good news is:

  1.  It doesn’t have to be that way (hooray!), and
  2. Your brand is a key to more time, energy and clients.

It starts with unlocking your authentic brand identity, and it ends with you having the freedom to live your greatest adventures.

A Few Quick Facts

Loves the outdoors.

I love hiking! One of my most memorable treks was the West Coast Trail, a 75-km journey on Vancouver Island famous for its ladders and mud.

Digs the small town vibe.

I’m originally from Summerland, BC, a small town in the Okanagan. I love living in Port Coquitlam because it reminds me of my hometown.

Nerds out on occasion.

I’ve been known to play Dungeons & Dragons and other games. Our board game collection includes 60+ titles.

Your Message Matters

What you build and believe is important. The purpose behind your business, the vision you have for the world, and the values you uphold along the way all have an impact on your audience.

That’s why I believe every brand needs a crystal clear core message.